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I went to Sam’s Club Monday and got a hot dog. Sam’s Club uses Nathan’s Hot Dogs in the deli (snack bar area). Nathan’s are allegedly gluten free. Then how come I was glutenated? I only ate onions and sauerkraut with my hot dog and nothing else. Within 20 minutes I was having a gluten attack. It was a full-fledged gluten attack. My back hurt and ached down through my legs. So I googled it. Apparently, others have had the same reaction (see Nathan’s Hot Dogs Discussion #1 and Nathan’s Hot Dogs Discussion #2). However, I did find a GF post from “The Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom” stating that the package says they are Gluten Free.

So, what do I know? Not much. The package says the hot dogs are GF, my body says “nope, they are not.” It could be the hot dogs at Sam’s Club in the deli are different than the hot dogs that are sold in the grocery store. Or Sam’s Club could cross-contaminate. Or Nathan’s could cross-contaminate. What I do know is I will not buy a hot dog at Sam’s Club deli again. I probably will not buy Nathan’s hot dogs again because of my reaction. And because Whole Foods sells organic hot dogs and wurst by The Original Brat Haus aka Coleman Foods. I know for a fact that not only does Coleman’s not glutenate me (yes, it’s a made-up word, but that’s how words start). Coleman’s dogs and wurst also don’t make me feel queasy, which I believe is because Coleman’s does not use antibiotics. (check out this review on The Original Brat Haus).  In regard to Nathan’s, I advise my friends to proceed with caution because I am now sick. Decide for yourself, but at least you have been informed (as much as possible).

Note: I do not take anything from anyone regarding a review. It is my opinion and I paid for it.

P.S. I called Sam’s Club and asked what type of hot dogs they use and they did say it was Nathans.