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I know you’re probably thinking “how to cut garlic?” Duh! But there is an easier way to do it – unless you already know this trick. And if you do, ignore me. By the way, I want to give a shout-out to my daughter Tabitha Orr who taught me this trick. Who says old Mom’s can’t learn new tricks.

  • Lay your garlic on a chopping board.
  • Take your garlic and chop of the hard end. This part is actually optional, because the trick will for the most part, do this for me. So it’s your call.
  • Take the flat side of a heavy butcher knife and lay it on the garlic. Make a fist and hit the knife HARD.
  • Voila! Peeled garlic. And your hands don’t even smell garlicky, it’s not under your fingernails, etc.

After using the trick. Look it’s peeled with no hard peeling and smelly hands.