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I think this blog is beginning to take it’s own direction. It’s not just about being GF, even though nothing will  ever be included in this blog that isn’t GF, because I have to avopid glutenation. It’s about making healthier choices, losing weight, and just becoming a healthier me. So as I find new products or learn something new, guess what I’m going to do? That’s right, BLOG!!!

What the app looks like on my phone

I have found the greatest diet/fitness app yet. It is called My Fitness Pal and is available for the Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone. And it’s free. So let me tell you why I like this app. First, it holds almost any food known to man in it. I just enter a food and it’s there. I’ve used other calorie counting apps and they just don’t have as big a database. I previously used an app and if I entered a food it stayed in the “My Food” section of the app, but it didn’t sync with the server and so no one else could ever access my entries NOR COULD I ACCESS THEIRS!

But with My Fitness Pal that is not true. It always connects online (if internet available) and will save what you input to the big database-in-the-sky, just like it saves what I input into the big database-in-the-sky. So even if we’re not friends on “My Fitness Pal” we are still sharing our input of items. I will not know you inputted and vice versa, we will just share the information. Which means that we have a much larger database of items to work rom. You can also input online, if you’re phone isn’t working in an area but you’re internet is (like at my job). So it gives you many options.

But my favorite option is the option of scanning an item. I can look through the database and sometimes still struggle with finding an item (have you ever looked through a phone book and been unable to find a listing? Same difference.) But just hit the scanning button and it scans and finds. It is so-o-o easy. Another thing I like about this app compared to the last app I used, is that if I exercise 17 minutes I can log 17 minutes. My last app, “Lose It,” would only allow me to log in increments of 5 minutes.

I also like the “Friend” capabilities. My boss and I are friends. She is a perfect size four (I am so not a perfect size four) but it keeps me honest. I’d hate to have a friend see me gain weight (so feel free to friend me. I am the VIPClub). It will allow you to see my diary and my improvement. If I mess up and gain weight (heaven forbid) then it’s silent. But still, for me, having someone know I didn’t do well, keeps me on my game.

This app is simply so easy. It’s so easy to record my food and exercise. It removes the work out of counting calories. If you’re like me, you get tired of logging, especially if you have to input every single thing.  But by being able to do it on my phone, or my computer, and by almost every food known to man being in the database, it makes if almost effortless.