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When I bought Walden Farms Calorie Free Mayonnaise, I was skeptical. I read the label and it said it was, well, very nearly perfect.  I have continued to search and try to find out why it’s not perfect, and I honestly can’t find one negative thing to say. Well, it’s not as perfect tasting as Hellman’s but it’s awfully close and calorie free. It is free of calories, carbs, fat, gluten or sugar. Wow. Apparently it contains trace calories. So I read the list of ingredients. There weren’t even any names I couldn’t pronounce, which means it is probably healthy.

I then googled “reviews walden farms mayo”. The reviews are so-so on the majority of the products. I think it is a product by product thing. It’s not a perfect dressing but I like it. So use your common sense, but these products can be one more addition in a weight loss program. I’ll buy this again.