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I don’t know about you, but I missed pasta when I first became GF, I began to try a multitude of pastas, which were either mushy OR health-food-store-y. You know, pasta that is grainy and not smooth like pasta. But I had faith that there must be a good GF pasta and within the last few weeks I have found two pastas that are excellent.

The first is Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta. It comes in several shapes and is excellent. it is not grainy and it doesn’t get mushy easily. it obviously is made fro quinoa, which as we know is related to beets and spinach, and is a pseudograin.

The second is Tinkyada. It says on the package ‘good consistent texture not mushy al dente,’ but as we all know, I am not an automatic believer in any advertising. However, in this case the advertising didn’t lie. Tinkyada is made from rice.

Either one is a great tasting addition to your GF diet. Try some today!