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I was having dinner with another gluten intolerant person a month or so ago, and as usual, when two or more GF people get together, the conversation turned to GF survival.  My friend, the gorgeous Chardonnay, mentioned that one day she was doing her hair and it occurred to her that she was spraying gluten into hair. Talk about an ah-ha moment. I had long noticed that on some days my head and or face itched. What is strange is that I knew without her telling me what specific product she was referring to, because I used it also.

So I went home and looked through all my products. Many products said “wheat” when I read the ingredients. In actuality, quite a few had to go [sniffing that leads into loud wails!] I had been using many products for years and I was left feeling bereft. Luckily, some of my products were new and returnable [hint – look right]. Some of my products were almost empty [look above], and everything else my daughter Sarah would love. A few products were actually GF – which explains why I only had sporadic itching. So, I was alright.

Joico’s  K-Pak hair care products are ALL GF. Whew! My favorites.

But I was out and had an appointment to go to a commercial beauty supply house (read State Beauty Supply) and I needed some conditioner now. So I started googling and found out that Garnier is GF. At first I wasn’t crazy about it, but if you will take a moment to towel dry your hair between shampooing and conditioning it’s great.

Another line of products that I’ve found and love (but can’t afford all the time) is Colorproof. Colorproof is vegan and GF. I have the hairspray and my hairdresser used the shampoo and conditioner on me. Oh well, someday, maybe I can afford it.

So there you have it, another trip down GF-lane.