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GF Chang’s Spicy Chicken

GF Egg Drop Soup

I’m sure we all have heard that P.F. Chang’s has a GF menu. Over the last several weeks I have gone twice and both times been extremely happy. I mean, GF Chinese that tastes real is hard to find. But P.F. Chang’s has done it. I really like the GF Chang’s Spicy Chicken and I love the Egg Drop Soup.

Another thing that is fun about PF Chang’s is that they bring out these GF sauces and they mix one up for the patron. The downside is that it’s the same every time and I feel like they are trying to convince me that it’s that particular waiter’s idea and not the way they were trained. Just a personal aside. But all-in-all, it’s wonderful to be able to have a GF Chinese meal.

The sauces