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On Saturday I was shopping at a local health food store and I saw Namaste Perfect Flour Blend, and well, I had to try it. Because I am trying to create a perfect GF pie. That’s right, I need pie. Then we will move onto cakes, etc. But for now, I NEED a pie.

So I  baked a pie. The flour blend felt like flour and tasted like flour. It wasn’t as sticky as my homemade flour, so I liked the way it feels. I still haven’t perfected the recipe for GF pie. It’s improving, but it still needs a bit more work to be the perfect flaky crust. I thought it was a good substitute from texture and raw taste, but cooked taste, it’s a no. That’s what I have found with so many store bought GF flours – they are a good substitute but that’s all. My GF Flour #1 is by far the best I’ve found for actual baking.

After buying the flour, I had to look up the word Namaste. I’d be remiss in my education if I didn’t. Namaste is Sanskrit for two words, namah and te. ‘Namah’ means bow, obeisance, adoration, etc. and ‘te’ means to you. So literally, it means “I bow to you.”

So, overall, I am dissatisfied. It looks right, feels right, etc. but the finished product is not right. I am back to my original GF Flour recipe. Which doesn’t look  or feel as right, but makes the finished product taste right.I am a person that prefers taste to aesthetics – actually I want both, but if I’m going to compromise, taste wins every time.

This however is a good, GF addition to my house for things like batter frying, gravies, etc. Things that aren’t so particular about the actual way the ingredient bakes.