Hot Corned Beef on GF Bread with Swiss and Avocado

Ta Da! Jason’s Deli has GF bread and it’s GOOD! If I were a few years younger I’d use lots of exclamation marks, but that might be a bit Faceybook. So, I’m only using one but I’m doing a happy dance! You know, like Snoopy does.

I had to go try it, literally HAD TO. The bread was fluffy and light. I was so impressed. They even sell their bread ($11.99 a loaf in OKC). Well, I’ll still make my own, because mine is as good and costs less. But it’s nice to be able to go and order a sandwich and it taste good and be safe. Kudos to Jason’s Deli.

Psst. They even have a GF Menu.

P.S. Do not let them toast your bread unless they have a dedicated GF toaster or cross-contamination can occur.