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Coffee Creamer Oatmeal

Alright, I miss Malt-O-Meal. And Quaker Oats. I am a warm cereal junkie. I have spent years inventing crazy, but yummy flavors. So

Papaya and Cream

when I went to Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago I bought Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats.  It was the only one Whole Foods had that was GF because I would have preferred rolled oats. Oh well, I’m being too picky.

So October 2nd, I woke up to 58 degree weather. The dogs and I were cold because I still had my warm weather blanket on the bed and no comforter. I mean, summer had just been last week (literally). So I googled how to cook the oats because I had already The reason I am writing in this strange for me tense is that this particular blog will be written over the next several months. I am the type of person who likes flavored oatmeal, so as I work my way through flavors I will update this for awhile. When it’s finished, you my faithful readers will get to read all about it.

Basic Cooking for Steel Cut Oats

1 part oats to 3 parts water ex. 1/3 c. oats to 1 c. water. I also like to add a bit more water (non-measured, about a tablespoon more)  because I figure since I’m using the same measuring cup to measure the water as I am the oats that I’m losing a bit of water from the tap to the pan. Boil for 10-20 minutes, depending upon how chewy you like your oats. I personally like to go longer, 20-30 minutes but you have to add quite a bit of extra water. But for me it’s worth it. Note: I personally have come to like about a 1:6 ratio. That way I can boil it longer and it’s softer, more like quick oats.


To me, it goes without saying that all hot cereal will have milk or cream in it.

  • Blueberry Oats: Add a big dollop of blueberry syrup to the oats while cooking.

    Chocolate Almond Oats

    Chocolate Almond Oats

  • Chocolate Almond Oats: After cooking add 1 1/2 t. almond extract, 1 t. maple syrup and chocolate milk. (I used 1/3 of a cup ofchocolate milk and that made it too runny).
  • Chocolate Mint Oats: After cooking add 1/4 t. mint (it goes a long way) and serve with chocolate milk.
  • Irish Cream Coffee Creamer: I was out of milk so I added flavor coffee creamer and it was yummy. So this has as many possibilities as coffee creamer flavors.
  • Maple and Cinnamon: Add some maple syrup and cinnamon while cooking.
  • Papaya and Cream: I mashed about 1/4 c. papaya and boiled it with the oats. Then I added Cool Whip.