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If we are friends on FB you probably already know that I’m not too fond of Monsanto. I have believed for awhile that GMOs and chemicals are one of the primary causes behind the huge rise in people becoming Gluten Intolerant. I have noticed that if I am eating organic, which means NO GMOs, I am not as sick when I get accidentally glutenated.

As I’m reading about GMOs I discover that my theory is more than likely right. I say that because it is easy to find support for almost any theory on the internet. So when reading on the internet you have to see if it makes sense, what the web site is, etc. But all I did was google GMOs and Gluten and voila! I found tons of stuff.

The first one I went to said this: “The offending proteins are listed as: w-5 gliadin (from wheat); g-3 hordein (from barley); and g secalins (from rye). Each if these triggers the production of anti-gliadin antibodies. This means that the body starts an immune response against these proteins. Once the antibody cascade has been triggered, inflammation sets in, normal functioning goes out the window, the immune system becomes imbalanced, and free radical cascades are fired off at the body’s own tissues. In the case of celiac disease, this last part is very serious as it can cause irreversible damage to the small intestine. These engineered grains, courtesy of Monsanto, have been added to a vast array of everyday processed foods including crackers, seasonings (including soy sauce and tamari), chips, cereals and breads.”

It has long been shown that Gluten Intolerance is linked to mental disorders, including schizophrenia, but it now appears that eating GMOs causes sleep disturbances and anxiety. In fact, one of my classmates in law school told me that he had given up gluten at the recommendation of his uncle, a MD who said that he controlled his anxiety but giving it up. How simple is that? Hmm. Do you want to take Xanax or give up gluten? Do you want to take Ambien or give up gluten? Um, I think I’d rather be GF than medicated, thank you very much!

It is now known that GMOs interfere with the production of GAD and GABA, which are processed in the brain and the pancreas. I googled pancreatic cancer and it appears that it is the only cancer where deaths are expected to rise (and this was from Fox News, gag me.)  While I looked at the pancreatic cancer sites, I saw that doctors were in a quandary as to what causes Pancreatic cancer.  What I can see is that since 2004, pancreatic cancer has increased at a rate of 1.4% per year. When you google pancreatic cancer there are a million ideas as to why it is on the increase but for some reason, the holy grail of GMOs has not been included. Oh, someone can link it to soda pop, but not Monsanto. The study against pop does admit that people who drink pop tend to eat a less healthy diet. Could that mean that they tend to eat more GMOs?

By 2008, this map was no longer accurate, with GMOs then accounting for 114 hectares in 23 countries. GMOs have also led to a massive increase in pseticides, which we have known since the 106-s and 1070s is not a good thing. In 2009, the hectares used byt GMOs had increased to 134 million.  Wait a minute, am I the only person who is seeing a correlation between GMOs, pesticides, gluten intolerance and pancreatic cancer?

In 1999, 1.5 million pounds of herbicides were used for GMOs. In 2011, 90 million pounds was used. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this can’t be good. And Monsanto appears to be double-dipping. They make the crops that require the chemicals. This is messed up.

I think we need tougher laws on GMOS in this country. Over 50 countries  require labelling of GMOS but the US has failed to protect its citizens. I believe I have a right to decide if I want to eat a GMO. If I don’t,, that’s my choice. If it doesn’t bother me and I want to eat it, same there. California has a proposition on the ballot for November to require labeling, which would be amazing. Almost 91% of people surveyed said they wanted GMO labeling. This is a country by the people and for the people, but apparently that doesn’t extend to GMO labeling,. So until we have labeling I will stick to organic and/or food that is labeled GMO free.