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Today I went to my local pub (McNellie’s to be exact) and tried some hard cider, specifically Woodchuck Cider. I had never had hard cider before, only plain ol’ apple cider which is decidedly not hard). So, I wanted to drink some GF beer, but after the debacle with Estrella Damm Daura Beer I am cautious, so I decided to stick with cider, since I knew it was GF.

So now, I want to know, what is cider? It is fermented juice essentially. Which is why I felt like I was drinking a cross between beer and wine. But I must admit, it was so good. It was bubbly like beer but sweet like a Riesling, very similar in taste to Moscato with a twist of pear.

So if you are looking for something else GF to drink, this might be a fun addition to your liquor cabinet.