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I woke up wanting pancakes so I started searching recipes and then I realized I have Bisquick Gluten Free mix. I know from past pancake experiences that I love Bisquick GF Pancakes, so why do all the mixing when I can just do a little mixing? Since I live alone and I probably won’t want pancakes tomorrow, I decided to make half-a-batch. For the most part that was easily done but the recipe on the box only called for one egg and how to split an egg. So I decided to add the egg. They tasted find, but I must tell you that if you do that, the back won’t bubble like with normal pancakes so you will have to use more judgment. But that’s alright.

Note on Bisquick Gluten Free: Every recipe I’ve tried on the back of the box works. I think this is a great addition to a GF household. I recommend it.