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Okay, I know I’m a bit early, but go figure. I’m always a bit unique right? Well, I have a reason. I’m going to the Cayman Islands over Christmas break and I there are clothes I want to wear that I can’t wear today.

As with many of us full-figured women, I love to eat. I’ll be watching a movie or reading a book and out-of-nowhere I want ice cream. Whoops. Or I want a shake on the way to class. Or. . . you get my drift. I had been trying for the week leading up to Thanksgiving to get with the program and failing miserably. I had reached the highest weight since I’d moved to OKC. In 2009-2010 I lost 80 lbs and over the last 2 1/2 years I had gained about half back. But then, I gained more. I actually reached 56 lbs. gained since 2010. Yes, I know most people gain weight in law school. But I was one of those that didn’t need to gain any weight. It’d be different if I gained from a 4 to a 10 or something like that. But no, that wasn’t me.

Last Tuesday, my last night of class before the holidays, I wanted a milkshake. So off to Braums’ I went. I got a medium chocolate-eggnog malt. Yes, I know that’s a big calorie loser and is not GF (the malt often contains gluten). So big no-no. But that’s what I wanted. So off I go. And I am served my milkshake by a size 2. It’s not fair. So I asked her how she did it. She said she just said no. I said how. She said she was an athlete and the question she’d ask herself when she wanted something evil (like a milkshake) was to ask herself is “this was getting her where she wanted to go.” Maybe for you that doesn’t do anything, but for me it clicked. I want to wear a size 10. Is eating ice cream or candy or whatever getting me where I need to go? Hmm. Big light bulb.

But of course, this was two days till Thanksgiving and whoever heard of being good on Thanksgiving? Not I. I was invited to two, count them, two Thanksgiving dinners. Woo Hoo! Way too much fun. So I decided to wait.

I had also been mulling over which way to go: modified vegan or paleo? That was the question. I think they both have some awesome things to offer. For example, I think that paleo might actually be the way we were meant to eat, but at the same time, I am beginning to want to leave a lighter ecological footprint, meat has tons of calories, and to get low-fat meat in today’s world without knowing a hunter or having a bunch of money is tough. So what to do?

At Thanksgiving I was discussing my thoughts of being a modified vegan with a friend. Her daughter wasn’t there this year for Thanksgiving and she told me that’s what her daughter did and that she could tell that her daughter had been slacking on it because she was putting on weight. Wait a minute, Miss Size 4 does this? My friend Therese does this. My friend Helen does this. These are all sizes 2, 4, or 6 women. (Actually Helen is all-the-way vegan).  Maybe there is something to this modified vegan thing.

So my decision was made. Modified vegan it is. So, what is modified vagan. This varies by the person. For example, my friend Char is modified vegan with eggs only. Therese is modified vegan with fish only. I have to admit, I want both. So I will allow myself fish and eggs. I can give up most meat but I love fish.  I mean, I don’t want anythign bad enough to give up sashimi or ahi tuna.

So Friday morning I got up and began my new way of life. I also added 20 minutes of riding my exercycle to it. Day 1, I ate 1278 calories and exercised 20 minutes. The next morning I was down 3.8 lbs. Not bad. Probably a lot of water (actually a lot of other stuff and if you really want to know what I mean, send me your email address.)

Day 2, I ate 932 calories and exercised 17 minutes. This led to a 2.8 lb loss.

Day 3: I ate 1125 calories and worked out 20 minutes. I lost 3 lbs. This adds up to 9.6 lbs,  Since I had cheated on being GF on Thanksgiving at the Country Club some of the loss  (about 3 lbs) could be attributed to gas. So still, 6.6 lbs in 3 day (9.6 minus 3 for gluten gas) is still not bad.

So, I’m going to continue on this modified vegan diet. My daughter says it’s just dairy-free vegetarian, but be that as it may, it’s my new diet. I actually think it’s a lifestyle choice, but we will see. Stay-tuned for semi-regular updates or friend me on MyFitnessPal. I am VIPClub. That way you can see anytime you want what I’ve done.