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WORDSWeight loss for this week is 2.4 lbs. Overall weight loss 12 lbs.

So far things are going along swimmingly. I have discovered if I want mega weight loss I have to do the 1000 or 1200 calories a day but that is hard to maintain. Generally, for 2 -3 lbs per week I’ll have to do 1500-ish. Which I can live with. It’s not even hard.

The days I ate out affected my diet a lot. More than I’d like to realize. In the past the only place that’s been alright with my diet is sushi and sashimi. I love eating out, but it hurts my waistline and my pocketbook. The question is: will eating out get me where I want to go? (a size 10)? Nope. So, I guess I have to stop it for the most part or be so-o-o selective about what I eat. For example, I ate out yesterday and I gained weight this morning. Grr. I was good at home. I exercised.

My daughter Sarah, the health food guru and yoga teacher explained to me why I was loosing so much more weight on a plant-based diet. It is because it takes more calories to break down plant food, therefore you require more calories on a plant-based diet. So I, who am following Western Calorie Counts, am losing tons of weight. I will have to increase soon though, or else my body could go into starvation mode and that is not a good idea. But first, those pesky 46 lbs. must go.

Example: Celery allegedly has 14 calories per cup but it really has negative calories, because it takes more calories for your body to process it than the celery has in it. 

One thing I have done is quit drinking coffee most of the time. Like almost all the time. I have switched to tea, mainly herbal teas with a few green, white or once-in-awhile even black teas thrown in. I’ve done this for several reasons. The first is that tea actually helps you lose weight as long as you don’t add milk. The second is that I love coffee with cream or flavored creamer or even half-and-half. I have tried everything else and I’m unhappy. I can tolerate soy and coconut milk creamer, but they come in such few flavors that I find it greatly annoying. I have tried to make my own, and alas, I seem sorely lacking in that area. So coffee is now an occasional luxury – then I can tolerate hazelnut EVERY DAY since it’s less than once a week. I also feel like sugarless herb tea has less calories than cream-laden coffee. Go figure.

I received a comment on my blog wall yesterday that said that the person had never lost this much. I don’t know if it’s because the person has less to lose and so needs less calories or if God’s just being particularly gracious to me at this time. I just know it seems to be working.

Actual Logs: (Since I started the day after Thanksgiving and have already shared the first three days in a previous blog, I’m showing you what I’ve done.)

  • Day 4 – Monday 11/26: 1153 calories and 28 minutes on my exercycle. Weight Tuesday morning: -1 lb. Not as much as the first few days, but still less. I’ve lost 10.6 lbs,
  • Day 5 – Tuesday 11/27: 1518 calories and 2o minutes on my exercyle. Weight Wednesday morning: – 1.6 lb.s I have lost a total of 12.2 lb.s
  • Day 6 – Wednesday 11/28: 1398 calories and 29 minutes on my exercyle. Weight Thursday morning: -1.4 lbs. Yes, I was upset and said a lot of curse words. In my defense, I knew that I it was 4 hours earlier than yesterday (which I have seen makes a difference) and I haven’t gone #2. But GRR.
  • Day 7 – Thursday 11/29: I was starving. I ate 2001 calories and rode my exercycle for 41 minutes. Weight Friday morning: -0.6 lbs. Not as much as I’d hoped, but I ate a ton yesterday.
  • Day 8 – Friday 11/30: I believe I ate 1428 calories but since some of it was catered, truthfully who knows? I rode my exercycle 22 minutes. Weight Saturday Morning: -0.6 Okay this isn’t as much as I’d like but I ate out yesterday at a luncheon. I had told them I was GF but there was the evil dairy in it, but I just went with it. Honestly, eating out can be horrid, because restaurants and cafeterias load up with extra calories to increase the flavor.
  • Day 9 – Saturday 12/1: 1409 calories and 20 minutes on the exercycle. Sunday morning weigh in: -1.4 lbs. Total loss 13.4 lbs.
  • Day 10: Sunday 12/2: Quite frankly I have no idea how many calories I ate. I went to Matthew Kenney OKC, which is a vegetarian and GF restaurant. Yes, everything on the menu is GF. Isn’t that amazing. So I ate. But it was mostly raw healthy stuff so who knows? I took a wild guess but I have no real idea. I rode my exercyle 19 minutes. Weight Monday morning: +1.4 Overall loss 12 lbs.


  • On Day 6, I didn’t lost weight. Actually, I had known I was not going to lose weight, because I knew that I was getting up earlier and I hadn’t done #2 all day. Another thing that effects weight is number of hours slept, if you’ve showered or eaten, etc. I always weight first thing in the morning and I have noticed that the more hours I’m asleep the less I weigh.
  • Wednesday I ate less healthy foods and more processed foods and my body told me about it on Thursday. Oy vey.
  • I did not eat gluten though, so I should be back on track tomorrow. When I eat gluten I can’t lose weight.

Questions I ask myself when I don’t lose weight on any given day:

  1. Did I go defecate yesterday?
  2. Did I get weighed at the same time?
  3. Did I eat gluten yesterday?
  4. Did I eat processed foods yesterday? (yes, I am learning that eating processed foods slows down my metabolism. It must be something about the food being easier for my body to process it. Duh!
  5. Did I eat more white sugar or corn syrup? Yep, you got it, something about all these sugars out of their natural habitat of fruits and vegetables, just messes with my diet.