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2012-12-30 16.31.29Several days ago I returned from being gone for about 2 1/2 weeks. I spent 13 days in the Cayman Islands, two days in Charlotte, NC (traveling), one day in Miami (traveling), and two days in Arkansas. It was a study abroad but it was also a vacation. Let’s be real – most study abroad’s are FUN!!

I had fantasies of writing these great blogs about weight-loss and gluten free. Yeah, right. Didn’t happen. Places like the Cayman Islands have no clue what GF is.  And they had great food that I wanted to eat that wasn’t GF.  The problem with not eating GF is that I have pain and gas – I mean I seriously contribute to the methane problem in the U.S. if I eat gluten. Whoops! Poor roommate! Poor me! In fact, I’m still having some pain. I literally pay for my excesses.

So the tally (upon my arrival home) was I had gained 7.2 lbs in 19 days.  That’s a little less than 4/10s of a lb. per day. I’m not horribly angry. Since I have lost 3 of that since my return. I mean it was vacation. And look at what great pics I get! I was holding four parrots (one of which shit on me). Oh well, maybe next time I can learn from the mistakes I made on this trip. Namaste. (By the way, I did learn to snorkel and I didn’t drown)!