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2013-07-10 14.58.38

Yes, I said butter. Up until recently I was using Smart Balance. It is vegan, GF, etc.  But then I did some research. It’s just fancied up margarine. Yep that’s right, the evil margarine. It’s better than most margarine, but it’s not good for you. So all of my recipes, all of my cooking, is about to switch. Yes, back to butter.

Let me tell you about Smart Balance. In a word, GMO. You know me, that’s it, no more Smart Balance.

So I started researching. Apparently there is even debate on whether grass-fed or organic butter is better for you. AGH! I am studying for the bar and don’t have time to figure this out.  And even then, there is too much debate to be sure.

This is something everyone needs to decide for themselves, but margarine with it trans fat is decidedly no longer part of my diet.