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225px-Gyros_C5878Of course everyone knows that a Gyros sandwich contains gluten. What many people don’t realize (including myself apparently) is that Gyros Meat contains gluten.

I had long suspected that because up until now I would often have a small gluten reaction. I had also read that on a package of Gyros meat. However, I wasn’t convinced that it applied to ALL Gyros meat. Can you hear my denial here?

So last night I ran up the street to the Mediterranean Restaurant and got Gyros meat. Yum. I even asked them to look on the package and see if there was wheat in it. They assured me there was not. It was just lamb and beef BUT they didn’t look. Then I ate it. Yum again.  A few hours later I went to bed and it got windy in the bed. Poor dogs.

This morning I can’t bend over without hanging onto something. My colon is pressing on the nerves in my left leg like never before. This sucks. Oh well, at least I know for sure about the meat.